INEL IR.21 browser will significantly improve process of manage and updating roaming partner documents . Any section of the IR.21 can be extracted in bulk and therefore reducing working time and error-prone entries . This tool was particularly helpful during the complete network audit in order to identify data discrepancies.


Handle RAEX IR.21 and IR.85 data document with ease

Process & browse IR.21 & IR85 documents from your roaming partners

Parse RAEX IR21 & IR 85 format file (pdf,xml) ,cleanse and transform it into tabular data RDBMS

Automatically updating DB if newer effective date of change in RAEX file was found

Scan & extract table data for all of available TADIG codes

Tidy up multiple line data in a cell into single line

REST API ready for integration to other application

Full text search of all documents by incorporating apache lucene technology